About the US TAG to TC 293

Representing US Feed Machinery Manufacturers


The United States joined ISO TC 293 in 2015 to be part of the development of the standards that will affect all US stationary feed machinery manufacturers. The US TAG to TC 293, administered by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE), represents US interests in this effort and formulates the US vote.



Why participation is important

While the US already has high quality manufacturing, complying with international standards for feed machinery will facilitate international trade in these products.  According to the International Trade Administration, up to 93 percent of global trade is impacted by standards and technical regulations. By being part of the process, you can help shape these standards that will impact the future of the industry and the success of your businesses, as well as international trade.



How the process works

Technical committees made up of experts and stakeholders from participating countries review, comment on, and negotiate all aspects of the draft standards developed.  It is a consensus-based approach and comments from all stakeholders are taken into account. Ultimately, the standards are brought forward to be voted on by all participating countries.

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The role ASABE plays

ASABE provides an educational and support system for all our volunteer experts involved in technical committees. As administrator of the US TAG to TC 293, ASABE is dedicated to preparing team members with the training and tools needed for success. It is the Society’s mission to ensure that US involvement remains strong, informed, and engaged.

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