ISO TC 293 Updates 2020

With COVID-19 affecting the world, the 2020 plenary scheduled for April was cancelled. It is hoped to reconvene in April 2021 pending the pandemic situation.

In the meantime work on standards projects has progressed as it is able.

Working Group 1 has completed and approved a Committee Draft (CD) of ISO 24378 Terminology. The current draft contains 39 terms agreed upon by the international group. A ballot to review and approve the Draft International Standard (DIS) version should be forthcoming by early 2021. Publication of this first TC 293 standard will most likely occur in 2021. This project was proposed and is led by China

Working Group 4, Safety, has not progressed as a face to face meeting was determined to be necessary for intense review and discussion of the proposed draft. This project, ISO 24142, has been put on hold through an option provided by ISO due to the pandemic disruptions. This project was proposed and is being led by Denmark.

Working Group 5, Hygiene, was initiated with the committee approval of a new project, ISO 5052 Control of cross contamination in feed producing line - Guidelines, a project proposed and led by Iran. The US voted to approve this project. We are awaiting further action as of November 2020.

ISO TC 293 Updates 2019


Listed below are the agreed upon resolutions after a review of the past year and in looking forward to the work plan for 2019.

To: ISO/TC 293
Date: 15th-16th Jan, 2019

Subject: Resolutions of 2nd Plenary Meeting of ISO/TC 293 Feed machinery

Resolution 1 (Winterthur 2019) – Approval of the change of the agenda
ISO/TC 293 agrees to defer “Brief overview of 3 ad hoc groups’ reports & Disbanding of 3 ad hoc groups” from No.8 to No.11, by consensus.ISO/TC 293 agrees to limit discussion to general comments on 8 CDs of terminology projects by

Resolution 2 (Winterthur 2019) –Approval of Appointment of the resolution drafting

ISO/TC 293 agrees to appoint Mrs. Jean Walsh(ANSI), Mr. Weiguo Wang(SAC) and Mr. Hui Zhou (SAC) with secretary as resolution drafting committee by consensus.

Resolution 3 (Winterthur 2019) –Approval of the Strategic_Business_Plan-

ISO/TC 293 agrees to approve the changes to the Strategic Business Plan_2nd version as proposed in N0071 by consensus.

Resolution 4 (Winterthur 2019) –Discussion of general comments in eight terminology
CD drafts

ISO/TC 293 agrees to merge existing eight terminology CD drafts into one with emphasis on feed processing terminology, with current agreed-upon terms remaining unchanged; current technical comments to be addressed with needed new additional terms, starting from a new NP; with 36 months development. The project is to be assigned to WG1, whose current title is “Terminology on feed processing technology and conditioning equipment”. The title of WG1 will be renamed as “Terminology” pending the approval of the NP. ISO/TC 293 requests Convenor, Mr. Weiguo Wang to prepare the NP by 2019-02-28. The title of the NP will be “Feed machinery terminology”, pending the approval of the NP. ISO/TC 293 agrees to have only one WG dealing with terminology. ISO/TC 293 further agrees to disband WG2 and WG3 and to cancel the eight terminology projects accordingly. Approved by unanimity.

Resolution 5 (Winterthur 2019) –Discussion on Proposal of “Safety of Dry Feed
Processing Machinery and Equipment”

ISO/TC 293 agrees to one safety standard with general requirements and reference to individual machinery needs, to be included in Annexes. The title of the Proposal will change to “Safety requirements for dry and semi-dry single feed machine, processing systems and complete production line”. ISO/TC 293 further agrees to establish a new WG entitled“Safety”and to appoint Mr. Hans Morten Henriksen as Convenor, pending the approval of the NP. This does not limit future development. The NP ballot will be launched for 8 weeks within 30 days of this meeting.
Approved by unanimity.

Resolution 6 (Winterthur 2019) –Discussion on Proposal of “ Feed processing
machinery-Hygiene risk assessment and reduction”

ISO/TC 293 agrees to one hygiene standard with general requirements and reference to individual machinery needs, to be included in Annexes. Safety and structure references are agreed to be removed from the scope of the Proposal. The title of the Proposal will change to “Hygiene requirements for dry and semi-dry single feed machine, processing systems and complete production line”. This does not limit future development. ISO/TC 293 requests the proposer, SAC, to revise the Proposal as outlined above and to submit the new proposal to the Secretary for the launch of NP ballot. The project is to be assigned to a new WG entitled “Hygiene”, with the proposed Convenor pending the approval of the NP. Approval of CAC/GL 80-2013, Codex Alimentarius, Guidelines on the application of risk
assessment for feed as a reference for Hygiene proposal. Approved by unanimity.

Resolution 7 (Winterthur 2019) –Discussion on ”disbanding of three ad hoc groups”
The reports of three ad hoc groups were reviewed. ISO/TC 293 agrees to disband the three ad hoc groups, having completed their charge. Approved by unanimity.

Resolution 8 (Winterthur 2019) –Approving to establish liaison to ISO/TC 34/SC 17
Management systems for food safety

ISO/TC 293 agrees to establish liaison relationship to ISO/TC 34/SC17 Management systems for food safety. Mr. Vafadar from ISIRI is appointed as the liaison officer. Approved by unanimity.

Resolution 9 (Winterthur 2019) – Approval of the liaison officer to ISO/TC 199 Safety of

ISO/TC 293 agrees to appoint Mr. Soren Nielsen from DS as the liaison officer to ISO/TC 199 Safety of machinery. Approved by consensus.

Resolution 10 (Winterthur 2019) – Approval of cancellation of PWI21699 Terminology for
feed crushing equipment

Cancellation of PWI21699 Terminology for feed crushing equipment. The content of the PWI will be added to the New terminology NP. Approved by unanimity.

Resolution 11 (Winterthur 2019) – Confirmation of approximate date and place of next
plenary meeting

SNV will host the next plenary meeting in April, 2020 in Winterthur, Switzerland. Final dates will be decided. Approved by consensus.

Resolution 12 (Winterthur 2019) – Thank-you to SNV for hosting this plenary meeting
The delegates of ISO/TC 293 extend their thanks to SNV for hosting the 2nd plenary meeting and especially to Ms. Ruth Schneider for her kind support and assistance.

Plenary group 2019.jpg
US TAG in meeting.jpg
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TC 293 plenary at Swiss Standards Organization, January 15-16, 2019

Group picture of delegates from 7 participating countries

US Delegation at TC 293 plenary 2019.

US TAG TC 293 Switzerland 2019.jpg

US Delegation TC 293 once the work was done,

(L to R) Pete Calderon (Scott Equip.), Li Wang, Jean Walsh, Scott Cedarquist (all ASABE staff), Gary Huddleston (AFIA), Tom Barber (Buhler), Ken Hutman (KBH Global Ent.) not pictured Johnny Wheat (4B Components)