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The US TAG to TC 293 invites leaders familiar with the technical aspects of feed machine system design and production to help represent the United States as committee members and working group members.  We need experts and partners from:

  • Academia

  • Industry

  • Government


Your participation will:

  • Represent the interests of the United States in the standards development process

  • Impact your company or organization

  • Influence the quality of feed produced for livestock, fish, and family pets here and across the globe


To get started, contact us today.

Two ways to participate

Become a committee member

Committee members review, comment on, and vote on draft standards. While one or two face-to-face meeting will convene each year, most work will be conducted virtually.  Every effort will be made to schedule face-to-face meetings around common industry events for the convenience of our members.

Become a working group expert

Working group experts volunteer from and are nominated from the US TAG to work on the content development of specific standards projects. Working group experts participate in virtual and in-person meetings to draft standards. They also often represent the US at annual international TC 293 meetings.

Support available to committee members and working group experts includes:

  • Meeting preparation

  • Training

  • Coordinated travel arrangements

  • Financial subsidies for travel for the first three to four years of the process


TAG members may apply for funding to partially offset travel costs associated with domestic and international TC 293 participation. Funding is provided by the US Department of Commerce International Trade Administration’s Market Development Cooperator Program. 



Benefits of participating

There are many advantages to joining the US TAG to TC 293 effort.  As a member, you will:

  • Shape the future of your industry by lending expertise to the creation of feed machinery standards that will affect your business and international trade

  • Gain competitive intelligence and insight into the direction of the industry by being on the ground floor of standards development

  • Benchmark your company’s position in the global marketplace

  • Improve safety of products for end users worldwide

  • Have access to documents at all stages of the process

  • Network with peers from around the world

US TAG TC 293 Switzerland 2019
US TAG TC 293 Switzerland 2019

US TAG members in Switzerland 2019

US TAG in meeting
US TAG in meeting

full group from TC 293
full group from TC 293

US TAG TC 293 Switzerland 2019
US TAG TC 293 Switzerland 2019

US TAG members in Switzerland 2019